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Real People, Not Actors

If I were an actor, I would complain to my union, maybe even sue.  Many commercials this year, not just Chevy, show group interviews that begin with, “Real people, not actors!”  Actors are not real people?  Suppose they said, “Real … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Rastafarian (Dreadlocks)

I read in a Wall Street Journal article a comment that a Yale professor and his wife were harassed when someone left a box on their doorstep containing a sombrero and a Rastafarian wig. I knew what a sombrero was, … Continue reading

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Snack Foods

One article I read not too long ago that I regret not documenting in a blog posting, was about snack foods. It said that a successful snack food should fill your mouth with flavor, then quickly disappear so you will … Continue reading

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Speaking English to Non-Natives

A recent online BBC article  ( lists several pointers when speaking with a non-native, even though they are fluent in English. I have taken this to heart because I talk with many visitors at Longwood Gardens whose first language is … Continue reading

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Senior Second Marriages

Remarrying after the death of a spouse? At our age? I don’t understand it, let alone recommend it.  Just fool around.  Nobody cares. The purpose of a marriage is to form the legal stability for raising a family. As Judge … Continue reading

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Losing Life

“Losing Streak,” by Kathryn Schulz. The New Yorker, 2/13/2017. Ahh . . . these are the articles that keep me renewing my subscription. Schulz begins by describing her developing tendency to lose things. She describes the instances that have plagued … Continue reading

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“Is This Hygge?” by Susanna Wolff (a satire piece), The New Yorker, 2/13/2017. “The Year of Hygge, The Danish Obsession With Getting Cozy,” by Anna Altman, The New Yorker, 12/18/2016. My constant mission to keep up with new words and … Continue reading

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Itinerary For the Washington, DC, Senior Class Trip, April, 1954

                  Thanks to Nancy Leith Musser of our class who kept this typed itinerary of our senior class trip as shown above on the masthead of this blog. Thanks to me, too, … Continue reading

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Helicopter Money

Soon after the financial collapse in 2008, the federal government’s policy was to kick-start the recovery by pumping money into the economy by any means possible. There was even the frivolous suggestion of printing money and throwing it out of … Continue reading

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Super Bowl Hype

I have never gone to a Super Bowl party at anyone’s house. I have never sat on someone’s sofa with my buddies watching the Super Bowl on a really, really big-screen TV. Nobody served me Buffalo wings, and beer, and … Continue reading

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