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Jimmy Herring

If anyone would like Jimmy Herring’s address and phone number, I have it. He moved away before graduation but recently had been in touch with Arnett Ware.  They were pinned between their college sophomore and junior years but ended up … Continue reading

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Here’s a seasonal quickie: What did you call an apple on a stick covered with red hard candy?  If your parents were educated, you probably said candy apple.  Most of us said apple taffy.  Some from Philly called it an … Continue reading

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A little while ago, two of my granddaughters, age 5 and 7, were giggling about seeing two people kiss. “There’s nothing wrong with kissing,” I explained.  “See, I kiss Grammy.”  (kiss, kiss) Their immediate reaction: “EEEEEEUUUUH!” So now I’m at … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin Bridge

Some of you were more impressed with my September 19 description of the pedestrian underpass at the Ben Franklin Bridge than of the bridge itself. So here is a picture of it, just in time to scare the kiddies on … Continue reading

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Old Books

Did any of you read the Bobbsey Twins when you were young?  Tom Swift?  You can do it again because these and hundreds of other books whose copyright has expired can be downloaded from for free.  The downloading takes … Continue reading

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69th Street

Here is a recent picture of an amazing Moorish building at 69th Street, across from the Terminal at the bottom of the hill.  Judy Young thinks it was the old Frank & Seder department store.  Can anyone confirm that?  Does … Continue reading

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