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Twenty Things That Were Way Harder Before the Internet

This was the title of a click-bait article that I came across on the Internet. Normally, I skip them, but this had several items I wanted to comment on. Click-bait articles are those that suck you in with titles like, … Continue reading

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The Value of Photos

  In my collection of heirloom family photos, the big change came in 1925 when home photography became available. I still have a bellows Kodak camera from that time that belonged to an aunt. The box says it is a … Continue reading

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Growing a Soul Patch (and Shaving It Off)

So, I grew a soul patch that I described recently, but now that I have a photo of it, I shaved it off. It was worth doing, because now I am a wiser man, but the learning part is over … Continue reading

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The End of CDs and DVDs

While our backs were turned, CDs and DVDs slipped away unnoticed. Did you know Windows 10 does not support burning them? Did you know many computers no longer even come with CD and DVD drives? You will still see some … Continue reading

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Experience In a Japanese-American Internment Camp

Many of the earliest childhood memories of my Japanese-American wife, Misao, are of the internment camp at Poston, Arizona, where she and her family were interred during WWII. (“Camp” is a euphemism. It was a barracks prison. But, neither was … Continue reading

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What Happened to Sunday Evening TV?

It suddenly dawned on me last week. I get about 50 channels on cable, but on a Sunday evening, once the prime of prime time, I could find nothing to watch. Oh, there were junk movies (no good old movies, … Continue reading

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Bikes, Gears, and Social Security Numbers

This happened long ago, about 50 years long.  I had a good, sturdy “English” 3-speed bike that I used like most people used their station wagons. I rode it to work, to the local hardware store. I even put a … Continue reading

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