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Charlie Chan

I must have a thing about old movie detectives.  First, it was Sam Spade (May 21), then Nick and Nora Charles (The Thin Man, July 18), and now Charlie Chan. My interest was triggered by an August 9 New Yorker … Continue reading

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Imogene Coca

We all remember native-born Philadelphian Imogene Coca from her early TV’s partnership with Sid Caesar.  They starred in the 90-minute, Saturday night variety program Your Show of Shows that ran from 1950 to 1954, exactly matching our high school years. … Continue reading

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At least ten years ago a Borders bookstore with a revolutionary new business approach opened just a mile from my house.  Almost all previous bookstores and newsstands permitted you to read anything on display as long as you stood.  This … Continue reading

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Fractured English

Here is a sign in a Philadelphia Chinatown store window.  It means “Open.”  It is probably crystal-clear to the Chinese readers.

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Our Tenth Year Reunion

Nancy Musser’s cornucopia of high school memorabilia continues to gush forth.  She recently sent me a copy of the booklet of our tenth year reunion held at the Media Inn on October 3, 1964.  Both she and husband Jim were … Continue reading

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Parking Wars Near the Schuylkill Banks

For the past two seasons, the A&E channel has run a series called Parking Wars that follows the enforcers of Philadelphia’s parking laws.  This includes the ticket-writers, the boot installers, and those who run the impound lot.  (You never, never, … Continue reading

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Eddie Waitkus

Marion is as attractive as any woman in her mid-70s can be, slim, snow-white hair pulled back with a black ribbon, and always with the pleasant smile and dignified manner of the Wellesley girl she once was.  She swims at … Continue reading

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