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The Troc

The magnificent classic window shown in last week’s blog is on the Trocadaro Theatre building, home of the old burlesque shows. In high school, it was always the “Troc”—we never heard of the “Trocadaro.” The joke was that TROC stood … Continue reading

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Philly Trivia

Okay, Philly trivia experts, I’ll award the Brass Figlagee with Bronze Oak Leaf Palm to whoever can tell me on what famous Philadelphia building is this classic window?  You have a week to think about it. Honorable mention to anyone … Continue reading

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One of my pet peeves (Well, not really.  They’re more funny than irritating.) are commercials that make fun of the customer.  You would think this would never happen—what company would ever make fun of their own customers?  Many, it turns … Continue reading

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More Rowing

Following up on the previous blog, in 1958 Jerry Jerome’s rowing led to the best sports triumph I have ever witnessed. In the Middle States Regatta on a warm afternoon on the Schuylkill (as I remember it) both Jerry and … Continue reading

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