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A Slow-Walking Wake Up Call

About a month ago, I was walking up a paved path, much like this famous Robert Crumb figure, to begin my shift at Longwood Garden’s Peirce–du Pont House, when a 15-year-old girl passed me like I was standing still. Yet … Continue reading

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Unfunny TV Commercials: Sonic, DriveTime, and the PA Lottery

You would think an expensive TV commercial would tell you about a company’s products, why you need them, why you should choose those over the competitor’s. You would think the ad writers would lie awake nights trying to get this … Continue reading

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Tar and Feathering

We have all heard of tar and feathering as a punishment in colonial times, but the question is if it was simply a method of humiliation, or a truly horrific method of torture. The question hinges on what is meant … Continue reading

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Pedophilia And the Cause of Homosexuality

I was a loner growing up (still am, basically), often wondering around Philadelphia alone, going to the Ocean City boardwalk alone, so it is no wonder I was often accosted by homosexual pedophiles (two separate impulses, only sometimes overlapping). When … Continue reading

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Zen And the Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

This is a book that became very popular in the early 1970s when it was first published. I read it then (or thought I did), lost my copy of the book, bought another copy years later that came out for … Continue reading

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Renewing Sewer Pipes

The old way: Dig up the street where the pipes are, haul the old pipes away, lay new pipe, connect the side pipes leading to the houses, refill the trench, repave the street. Time required: most of the summer. The … Continue reading

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Female Beauty, Year By Year

I recently came across a website (more of a click-bait site) where you enter the year you were born, and it shows you a woman, usually a popular movie star, considered to be a great beauty that year. But when … Continue reading

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