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My use of the word “vaccinated” in a previous posting led me to think about my own vaccination mark which I haven’t noticed for years.  The vaccination protected against smallpox which was declared eradicated in 1977, so we who have … Continue reading

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What’s life without a little excitement now and then? Last week after lunch, I backed the car out of my driveway and saw two police cars in front of my neighbor’s house, a widow who lives alone, but I drove … Continue reading

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The Unridable Bicycle

Back in April, 1970, I came across an article in Physics Today, the journal of the American Institute of Physics,  on bicycle stability by an amateur home experimenter.  My Xeroxed copy had disappeared, but to my surprise, I was able … Continue reading

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Blue-Haired Ladies

Where have all of the blue-haired ladies gone?  Last week, I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and saw what must have been every senior woman living within  a twenty-mile radius, but none had the blue hair that we used … Continue reading

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More Wisdom from Beryl Markham

The previous posting had many quotes from Beryl Markham’s book, West With the Night, whoever actually wrote it.  Here are a few more that I couldn’t let pass. Like all of us, the death of a good friend left a … Continue reading

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Benghazi by Candlelight

  Beryl Markham, author of West With the Night, grew up on a Kenyan horse farm with her English father and became an early aviatrix, working as an African bush pilot, then setting a record in 1936 for a westward … Continue reading

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The Lansdowne Theater

According to a January 13 Philadelphia Inquirer article, the $5 million Pennsylvania appropriation for restoration of the Lansdowne Theater and surrounding business district survived budget cuts and was approved. (See 5/26/2010 posting.) Another Inquire article from 10/17/2010 reports a small … Continue reading

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