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Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer Reincarnated as Lee Child’s Jack Reacher

“Think Twice,” by John Lanchester.  The New Yorker, 11/14/2016. Our old friend, Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, whose adventures we all followed in high school (all us guys, that is), is back as Jack Reacher in a series of books by … Continue reading

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Emily Dickinson

“Out Of Print,” by Dan Chiasson. The New Yorker, 12/5/2016. Why do I find her name so familiar? I haven’t read anything she wrote. She had no widely quoted, pithy one-liners. I don’t remember any of our teachers enthralled with … Continue reading

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The End Of Cash

“Cashing Out,” by Nathan Heller. The New Yorker, 10/10/2016. (Book review of “The Curse Of Cash,” by Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard professor and former chief economist of the IMF.) I still ask if a store will accept my credit-card, but there … Continue reading

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Death Valley

“Desert Bloom,” by Alex Ross. The New Yorker, 11/14/2016. What can be said about a stretch of desert so bleak, it was given the name Death Valley? Plenty, as shown by this New Yorker article. But keep in mind I … Continue reading

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Zsa Zsa

No, no. It can’t be. Zsa Zsa Gabor dead? What a shock! Well, that, too. The main shock is her final photos, looking like this, in a hospital bed with side rails. The big event of her day was getting … Continue reading

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Contracting Out Auto Repair

My 1990 Mazda pickup is eligible for a Delaware antique car license plate (25 years old), so of course I have a favorite repair shop.  It is within an easy walking distance. I can drop off my pickup, walk home, … Continue reading

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Describing the Moon

When someone in your group points out the moon, you will impress them all if you can look up and say something profound, like, “Hmm . . . waxing gibbous.” Or maybe not. Depends on the group. Depends on you. … Continue reading

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The World’s Sexiest Dress

It is the Chinese-style dress called a “cheongsam” or “qipao.”  “Cheongsam” seems to be more common and is understood even with my Delaware accent. The dress alone explains why there are so many Chinese in the world.  The style is … Continue reading

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One important use of my Nexus 7 tablet is as a dictionary always by my side as I read. That use alone is worth it’s cost (about $100, but no longer available). It finds not only definitions, but it shows … Continue reading

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Beauty Secrets

Many anti-aging skin creams advertised on the Internet are illustrated with identical before-and-after photos as is obvious by the unchanged lay of the hair and position of the eyes and hands. I often wonder, before and after what? Photoshop? To … Continue reading

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