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Women Of China

While touring in China in 2008, shortly after they hosted the Summer Olympics, I took over a thousand photographs, mostly by briefly hanging back as our tour group moved on. Here is a selection of the ones of the women, … Continue reading

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Shoe Shining

I shined my shoes today for the first time in at least 30 years, and I was surprised at how much I had forgotten and how old-fashioned the ritual now seemed. First of all, I only have two pairs of … Continue reading

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Before the Internet

“Before the Internet,” by Emma Rathbone. The New Yorker, 6/20/2017. The New Yorker article is a short, humorous piece about how life was different before we had the Internet, but a couple of the points were especially relevant for me. … Continue reading

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A Quick and Easy Root Beer Float

Those root beer floats of our high school days were made by loosely filling a glass with vanilla ice cream, pouring root beer over it, and stirring with a long iced tea spoon. The cold ice cream released the carbonation … Continue reading

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Hong Kong And Its Associated Names

So, now you know about Shanghai—the Bund, and the Pudong, and all of that from the earlier posting.  You are ready for the still-more-complicated Hong Kong. Stop fidgeting! Hong Kong is a mountainous island  in Victoria Harbor in the South … Continue reading

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Seventy Is the New Ninety

I was watching a performance that I accidentally discovered on America’s Got Talent  as I was changing channels. A twenty-something girl who was horribly burned in an airplane crash was singing a song she may have written herself, or it … Continue reading

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Shanghai’s Pudong And Philadelphia

This view of the Pudong business district in Shanghai often illustrates advertisements and articles about international corporations expanding into China. It all looks new, modern, and spiffy.  The TV tower with the ball on the left is distinctive, and is … Continue reading

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