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Getting Here

A quick note on an easy way to find this blog site.  Simply Google “Lansdowne-Aldan blog.”    The term “Lansdowne-Aldan” is unique and “blog” very importantly directs the search to blogs.  In theory, you could search on any words appearing in … Continue reading

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Greek Mythology

We chuckle at Greek mythology, asking, “Who could seriously believe that?”  When Arachne claimed to be the best weaver, did Athena really jealously change her into a spider?  Of course not.  The Greeks understood these were only pretty stories created … Continue reading

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Eustace Tilly

For those of you who were mystified by the last blog, Eustace Tilly is the cartoon symbol of the New Yorker magazine.  He appeared on their first issue, shown below (double click on it to enlarge), and has been repeated … Continue reading

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Lord Lansdowne

Fred Weinstein, just back from London, snapped this photo of Lord Lansdowne at the National Portrait Gallery.  He wondered if this could be the Lord Lansdowne that Lansdowne was named for.The story of Richard Griffith selecting the name “Lansdowne”  is … Continue reading

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Early Mornings

One of the main pleasures of my new hearing aids is the chirping of birds in the morning.  I would occasionally hear an especially loud one, but now I can hear a half dozen or so all at once.  Beautiful!Now … Continue reading

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On Death and Taxes, Without the Taxes

1.  A New Yorker cartoon shows a man reading the obituaries in a newspaper.  He is thinking, “…younger than me…younger than me…older than me…”2.  My aunt died last year at the age of 95.  She was one of my mother’s … Continue reading

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