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Animal Cruelty and Robots

“Not Our Kind,” by Nathan Heller. The New Yorker, 11/28/2016. Articles like this are what keeps me a subscriber. It is so meaty, so full of insights, I feel I have been locked overnight in a bakery with more goodies … Continue reading

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Wisdom and the Death Of Fidel Castro

“I’ll be 90”, the former president said [Fidel, in April], adding that this was “something I’d never imagined.  Soon I’ll be like all the others.”  (News report) I always believed the evidence that we achieve deep wisdom as death approaches. … Continue reading

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Losing Our Way (Without An E-Trex)

Just as we suspected, we have more trouble navigating as we age. Getting lost is one of the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. According to this Internet report, the deterioration of our ability to navigate starts in our teens. (If … Continue reading

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Turning Off LED Lights

Jumping right to the conclusion, if you have LED lights, don’t go out of your way to turn them off (except as the last thing at night). I have always been a habitual light-turner-off person. If I pass through a … Continue reading

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Reconstruction Of the Ocean City Boardwalk

I hope you have been watching the reconstruction of the Ocean City boardwalk on the website Boardwalks are pretty simple structures, but to tear them down and rebuild them quickly requires a lot of planning and heavy equipment. This … Continue reading

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Pari Passu and Vedi Supra

Back in my early days of employment, I worked with a distinguished research chemist who, for reasons beyond me, loved to sprinkle Latin terms throughout his writing that no one ever heard of. Two of his favorites were pari passu … Continue reading

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Candice Bergen And a Happy Life

Candice Bergen turned 70, and is comfortable looking her age, as well she should.  She is happily free from the runway-model thinness. She started out with the right genes. Her mother, Francis, was a Powers model who went by the … Continue reading

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