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Longwood Gardens Maps

I often see visitors puzzling over the maps of the grounds given out by Longwood Gardens. The maps are in various languages, both European and Asian, but visitors still puzzle over them. When I approach to help, their first question … Continue reading

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Cutting My Own Hair

I have been cutting my own hair for 40–50 years, and that means I have not been to a barber in 40–50 years. If I had to go now, I would not even know where to go. The last barber … Continue reading

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What the Sam Hill, Cortana?

“What the Sam Hill?” was a phrase my father often used, but none of my generation did, and I had not heard it for years, not even in old movies where they often said  “swell” and called adult women “kid.” … Continue reading

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Misplaced Modifiers

Languages are either inflected, meaning endings are added to words to specify their relationship, or uninflected, as in English, where the relationship is specified by the position in the sentence. We find speaking an inflected languages (such as French) especially … Continue reading

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Unwanted Office Buildings

Two venerable old office buildings in downtown Wilmington are being repurposed, or trying to be repurposed. Not enough companies want the traditional offices anymore. The first is the Hercules Building, once the headquarters of the Hercules Chemical Company. The other, … Continue reading

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That Yellow Traffic Light

In most states, as long as the front of your vehicle entered the intersection (passed the crosswalk or limit line) before the light turned red, you haven’t broken the stoplight law. —Internet, 9/17/2017 Back in our high school days, Mr. … Continue reading

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A syndicated cartoon in our local paper, Non Sequitur, was titled, “Grandpa ups his game.” It shows Grandpa telling stories around a campfire to several children who are wide-eyed with imagined terror. He is saying, “. . . we only … Continue reading

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