Roger, Square FormatLansdowne-Aldan High School 1950–1954

Penn State 1954–1958

Married to Misao Iwata, 1960–

Sons Jesse and Andrew

Worked for Atlas Chemical, Wilmington, DE, which became ICI America, then Zeneca Pharmaceuticals, then AstraZeneca, doing mostly computer programming in Research, then Safety and Health departments. Retired in 1990 (so long ago, I can barely remember what I did).

Red Cross Lifeguarding Instructor Trainer, Water Safety Instructor, Longwood Gardens Volunteer.

Being a volunteer greeter at the Peirce–du Pont House at Longwood Gardens only uses my experience as a long-time visitor there.  It does not give me any special knowledge of  the inner workings or long-term plans of management.

Note the photo on the wall in the background of my photo above is the same as on the masthead of this blog.

My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne’s Essays. They are probably not what you think.

—Roger Walck

2 Responses to About

  1. Michael Cortellessa says:

    I just realized your picture is from 1954… vs. she would have been class of 1957. Sorry to use your site for personal purposes. No need to reply regarding photograph. Thank you. [Michael is talking about his mother in the class of 1957. –RW]

  2. Bill Matz says:

    RWalck: I recently came across your writings on your website and enjoyed reading many of the articles. I grew up in East Lansdowne (1943-1961) living on Lexington Ave. I graduated from ELPS (1953) and LAHS (1957). I graduated from Gettysburg College in 1961 and was commissioned thru the ROTC program and went into the Army. Served 33 years in the infantry and retired as a Major General. I knew Ralph Russo and Fred Weinstein in your class. I remember Ed Vetter, too. I enjoyed your articles. They brought back many fond memories of my youth. I am living in Great Falls, VA, and Ocean City, NJ, and stay in touch with many of my LAHS classmates. My email is: matzbill@icloud.com. Tel: 703 759-0020. Pls add me to your list of addressees for future copies of your class articles.

    With warm regards, Bill Matz

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