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Finding Your Cellphone and Other Travel Hints

I recently returned from an overnight stay in Baltimore to attend a wedding. We drove home on a Sunday along I-95 when traffic was expected to be horrendous. But we had no problems because I followed a rule that has … Continue reading

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I Shudda Been Named “Saquon”

Saquon Barkley is Penn State’s talented running back. With a name like “Saquon,” of course he would grow up to be a running back. My name is “Roger.” What chance would I ever have? That’s why I did not try … Continue reading

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Philadelphia’s Politically Correct Thanksgiving Day Parade

Several years ago, I wrote about seeing live (almost) Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while my wife was visiting her sister in St. Louis. I say “almost” because the parade started way earlier than I expected, and all I saw was … Continue reading

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Making Money on Restasis

“Patently Odd,” by Adam Davidson. The New Yorker, 11/20/2017. I had written a posting on the woman ophthalmologist in the Restasis commercials, so this article on Restasis caught my eye. Who holds the patents on Restasis?  Answer: The St. Regis … Continue reading

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An article in our local newspaper educated me on Friendsgiving, a new celebration by 20-somethings as an excuse to binge drink with friends at a local bar. This celebration, however, is useful for other reasons and has a chance to … Continue reading

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The 1930’s Luck and Wedding Book

“Every Woman’s Luck Book; What Every Woman Needs to Know to Choose a Husband” 2002, Icon Books, Ltd. Amazon does carry it, but only as a used copy for $1.04. It is a reprint of a book published “in the … Continue reading

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Shopping Principles

A financial column in our local newspaper, lifted from the Washington Post, gives these two shopping principles worth noting: When we see a sale, we shouldn’t consider what the price used to be or how much we are spending. Rather … Continue reading

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