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Rheingold and Rosalind

In 1952, Rheingold Beer was fighting an uphill battle trying to raise the perception of beer as a classy drink, comparable to fine wine.  Besides their famous yearly Miss Rheingold contest, whose emphasis was more on class than hubba-hubba, their … Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time

At least a couple of decades ago, a woman at the community center observed that the extra hour of daylight in the evening gained from the switch to daylight savings time is not enjoyed on the first day because it … Continue reading

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I am a Sen-Sen fan and one is slowly dissolving on my tongue as I write this.  They are familiar to all of us from our childhood, but I will describe them for the younger readers. Sen-Sens are intensely flavored … Continue reading

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Wander Through Cyber-Lansdowne

Google Earth now has street views of Lansdowne in addition to their usual aerial views.  Sometime, I’m guessing in the past year, they sent a camera mounted on top of a car up and down every street taking about a … Continue reading

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Farewell to J. D. Salinger

You, indulgent readers, must be bored to stupefaction by my J. D. Salinger blogs by now, so I’ve gathered together my last comments and we’ll all move on. The Zooey section of Salinger’s book, Franny & Zooey, opens with Zooey in the … Continue reading

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