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Time, Time, Said Old King Tut . . .

Even as a child I was fascinated with science, and, in those days, the big science was atomic energy. My hero was Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist who directed the development of the atomic bomb.  I was impressed when Oppenheimer famously … Continue reading

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One More Pseudonym

Once at a Boston Market, the teen-aged cashier asked a name they could call out when my order was ready. “Speedo,” I replied, having just come from the pool. “That’s a funny name.” “Well, now,” I explained.  “They often call me … Continue reading

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I was only kidding in a previous blog saying I used the classy pseudonym “E. Carleton Abbot”  for a restaurant reservation.  But the truth is, I often do use the pseudonym “Rodregeus.”  Several years ago, I phoned in a pickup … Continue reading

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Washington, DC, Trip Details

Thanks again to Nancy Musser’s Archives of Trivia, we now know what we did on our senior class trip to Washington, DC.   This is from a typewritten school handout of the itinerary that was distributed prior to the trip and … Continue reading

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I am often amazed at the interconnections that turn up.  Wayne Kressley tells me Carlton Holtby, mentioned in yesterday’s blog as owner of Lansdowne’s TV and radio store, was good friends with his family, even to the extent of being … Continue reading

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Lansdowne in 1968

A few more items in the 1968 booklet commemorating Lansdowne’s 75th anniversary that Nancy Musser lent me: There are brief histories on the Marlyn Coffee Shop that was in the Lansdowne Theater building and Lloyds of Lansdowne, a gift shop … Continue reading

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I see some confusion about entering comments, so here is some advice. If you have a comment for me personally, send it to me in an e-mail to If you would like to make a comment for everyone to … Continue reading

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