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D.C. Class Trip

Here are two interesting photos of our Washington, D.C. class trip. Both show foot-weary girls waiting for the bus with their shoes piled together and must have been taken within minutes of each other.  One was taken by Nancy Leith, … Continue reading

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Goodnight, Sweetheart

Goodnight, Sweetheart, ‘Till we meet tomorrow . . . I’m an old softie, and that song brings back more high school memories than any other. Yes, kids, we actually had sock hops.  Those were the days before polyurethane varnish and … Continue reading

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Ed Hagopian’s Web Site

Ed Hagopian and his wife now have their own web site: True to his nature, he gave her top billing. How come some people keep getting better looking? You can keep up with their performance schedule on the site.  I missed … Continue reading

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Missing Classmates

I am publishing the names of missing classmates in the hopes, someday, someone will do a Google search on one of them, and when this blog pops up they will let me know whatever happened to them. This list does … Continue reading

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Washington, D.C. Class Trip

Here is a photo from our Washington, D.C. class trip, probably taken a few hours after our big group photo (see June 16 blog) because they are all wearing the same clothes and don’t look too tired yet.  (Double-clik on … Continue reading

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Junior Prom

Here are the Junior Prom dates of the guys shown in the Nov. 1 blog.  Do you know who went with whom?

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I suddenly noticed with a panic that the earlier blog entries were deleted, but after reading some of the fine print on the responsibilities of a blog master, I realized the older ones had been archived, not deleted.  I had … Continue reading

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Local Class Trips

A few years ago, I read an article on Philly listing the many manufacturers once there but now gone. Here are some I remember from the article:  Wilber chocolate, Whitman chocolate, Breyer’s Ice Cream, Sealtest Ice Cream, Bond Bread, Stetson … Continue reading

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Speaking of Jimmy Herring . . .

Here is a picture from our Junior Prom, courtesy of Nancy Leith.  Nancy’s father took the picture in her home.  First row: Bill Hayes, Jon Hole, Bill Slothower.  Second row: Dave Hall, Jim Musser.  Top: Jimmy Herring.  Who were their … Continue reading

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