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A hacker somehow got hold of my email address list and sent everyone the message to check out a linked web site.  I did not—and would not—click on it to see what it was about, but I suspect it is … Continue reading

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TV Holidays

I completely understand working people’s fascination with holidays.  Every day is a holiday for me, and the enjoyment never gets old.  And, I understand TV hosts are working people, too, and want their holidays as much as anyone. What I … Continue reading

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Another Sign of Aging

After my mother died, my father continued living at their retirement condo in Florida that provided assisted living and nursing care if needed.  On one of my visits, I suggested the next day we go to Sears in a mall … Continue reading

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Growing Old In Ancient Egypt

O king, my lord! Age is here, old age has arrived. Feebleness came, weakness grows. Childlike, one sleeps all day. Eyes are dim, ears deaf, Strength is waning through weariness, The mouth, silenced, speaks not, The empty heart recalls not … Continue reading

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This week Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was thrown out of a game.  When later asked by a reporter for details he replied, “I don’t need to talk about that.  Ain’t no sense in saying that.” That was the first time … Continue reading

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Kid Baseball

At the end of my street is a Little League baseball field, actually four fields, usually with a game on each every evening this time of year.  The fields are very official with dugouts, bleachers, outfield fences and a warning … Continue reading

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Another Causality

According to a recent editorial, one of the occupations falling on hard times these days is bank robbing.  It was a growth occupation right up until 2008 but has since fallen almost in half in only four years.  What with … Continue reading

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Arch Street History

Philadelphia’s Arch Street Friends Meeting House at 4th and Arch has this display showing how Arch Street got its name.  William Penn named the streets connecting the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers after trees, and Arch Street was originally Mulberry Street.  … Continue reading

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Derek Parfit

“How to be Good,” Larissma MacFarquhar, The New Yorker, 9/5/2011 Suppose we discovered a technique to lengthen our lives hundreds of years, but by doing so we would all become sterile and would be the last existing generation.  Would this … Continue reading

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