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Philadelphia’s Politically Correct Thanksgiving Day Parade

Several years ago, I wrote about seeing live (almost) Philadelphia’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while my wife was visiting her sister in St. Louis. I say “almost” because the parade started way earlier than I expected, and all I saw was … Continue reading

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“American Nirvana,” by Adam Gopnik. The New Yorker, August 7 & 14, 2017. I don’t recommend this article to everyone. Adam Gopnik is a prolific staff writer for The New Yorker, and has a great mind, but a mind often … Continue reading

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The Man Who Invented Sex

“The Invention Of Sex,” by Stephen Greenblatt. The New Yorker, 6/19/2017. Of course, sex was invented by St. Augustine, at least as a moral issue. We all know the story. He lived a wild life—sampled all of life’s pleasures (I … Continue reading

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The New Yorker and the Benedict Option

“The Seeker.” By Joshua Rothman.  The New Yorker, 5/1/2017. (Biography of Rod Dreher.) It all started with my sister, three years older and editor of our high school newspaper, The Garnet & Gray.  I got in the habit of reading … Continue reading

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The Search For Everlasting Life

“The God Pill,” by Tad Friend.  The New Yorker, 4/3/2017. When I was in my early 20s, the teenaged son of friends of my parents suddenly died of a stroke.  Everyone was shocked when the autopsy revealed the arteries in … Continue reading

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Death Of a Spouse

Everything that is joined must separate, everything living must die. We are all journeying together to death, like an unstoppable caravan going into a strange city. What does it matter who gets there first? (The Mahabharata) One of the most … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Rastafarian (Dreadlocks)

I read in a Wall Street Journal article a comment that a Yale professor and his wife were harassed when someone left a box on their doorstep containing a sombrero and a Rastafarian wig. I knew what a sombrero was, … Continue reading

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