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More Olympics

Nationalism first became obnoxious at the Sarajevo Winter  Olympics in 1984 when Katarina Witt won the gold medal in skating.  She was attractive, charming, even slightly shy, but (shudder!) she represented the evil East Germany.  What’s worse, she competed against … Continue reading

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Aging Stars

I just read in Saturday’s paper that Julie Newmar is 75!  Say it ain’t so, Julie.  You were the sexiest Catwoman ever, and I am still stupefied from your role as Stupefyin’ Jones. And Eydie Gorme just turned 77.  Is … Continue reading

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The Olympics

I have been spending far too much time watching the Olympics, every evening and a good part of the day.  But how could I not?  Sports that I never see any other time, views of life in the emerging China, … Continue reading

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You Never Know

Many years ago while walking briskly up New York City’s Fifth Avenue on a bright, spring morning, I slowly overtook what appeared to be a blond, twenty-something woman—slim, well-dressed, and attractive.   As I passed by and glanced over, she glanced … Continue reading

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While paddling my kayak on the Christiana River that goes under I-95, I found graffiti painted on the bridge supports that appear to have been done by the University of Delaware’s woman’s rowing team who often practice there.  One graffito … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Trivia

Question:  What is this emblem still on a Philadelphia building, photographed on a recent trip with Ed and Helen Fitzsimmons?  Ah, too easy.  Of course, you recognized right away it is the old Strawbridge & Clothier emblem.  (Double click on the … Continue reading

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