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Weather Vanes and Weather Stations

On May 5, 2011, I posted a blog on the weather vane I built, mainly for the aesthetic pleasure of watching it slowly shift direction as I daydream in a backyard lawn chair on a warm, summer day. That part … Continue reading

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Late Marriages

There is more to the story of my locker room friend described in the previous posting, another lesson he taught, another lesson I learned. I asked him what had happened to his second bride, the company librarian we all admired. … Continue reading

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Suicide by the Elderly

“Dr. Death Makes a Comeback” by Paul McHugh. The Wall Street Journal, Opinion Section 1/23/2015. Life is like an amusement park. For some of us—the lucky ones—we get to stay the whole day and go on all the rides. It … Continue reading

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Advertising Disclaimers

“Warning: The Article You’re About To Read Might Make You Laugh,” by Shirley S. Wang. The Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2015. I have ranted on in the past about ridiculous ads that are accompanied by even more ridiculous warnings, such as … Continue reading

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Dead People Movies

I love the old movies shown on Turner Classic Movies. Everything looks comfortably familiar in black-and-white: hairstyles, suits and dresses, wind-up Victrolas, candlestick telephones, steam locomotives, wood-paneled station wagons, window shades with pull-cords, everything.  So, I was surprised when someone … Continue reading

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Yik Yak

“Behind App’s Rise, Dark Side Looms” by Evelyn Rusli and Jeff Elder.  The Wall Street Journal, 11/26/2014. I have been having fun playing with the app “Yik Yak.” It is a digital bulletin board where anyone can anonymously post anything … Continue reading

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The Changing Middle Class Family—What Else is New?

“Fractured Families” by Kay Hymowitz, a book review of “Labor’s Love Lost” by Andrew J. Cherlin. The Wall Street Journal, 1/6/2015. In the 1950s, blue-collar working men proudly took home paychecks that often exceeded those of professionals. Their wives stayed … Continue reading

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More on Genocide

“The Unkindest Cut of All” by Stephen Budiansky, a book review of “The Killing Compartments” by Abram de Swaan. The Wall Street Journal, 1/11/2015. Genocidal killing sprees have taken more than 100 million lives since the late 19th century—four times … Continue reading

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Pierre du Pont and the Modern Corporation

Pierre S. Du Pont and the Making of the Modern Corporation by Alfred du Pont Chandler.  Beard Books. The Pierre du Pont who built Longwood Gardens in the 1920s (there were four with exactly the same name at different times) … Continue reading

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The Armenian Great Catastrophe

“A Century of Silence” by Raffi Khatchadourian. The New Yorker, 1/5/2015. “Armenian Classmates.” This blog, 7/12/2005. The New Yorker article is very long, a length that usually signals a forthcoming book. There is no way I can do it justice; … Continue reading

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