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Weather Vanes and Weather Stations

On May 5, 2011, I posted a blog on the weather vane I built, mainly for the aesthetic pleasure of watching it slowly shift direction as I daydream in a backyard lawn chair on a warm, summer day. That part … Continue reading

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Late Marriages

There is more to the story of my locker room friend described in the previous posting, another lesson he taught, another lesson I learned. I asked him what had happened to his second bride, the company librarian we all admired. … Continue reading

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Suicide by the Elderly

“Dr. Death Makes a Comeback” by Paul McHugh. The Wall Street Journal, Opinion Section 1/23/2015. Life is like an amusement park. For some of us—the lucky ones—we get to stay the whole day and go on all the rides. It … Continue reading

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Advertising Disclaimers

“Warning: The Article You’re About To Read Might Make You Laugh,” by Shirley S. Wang. The Wall Street Journal, 1/22/2015. I have ranted on in the past about ridiculous ads that are accompanied by even more ridiculous warnings, such as … Continue reading

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Dead People Movies

I love the old movies shown on Turner Classic Movies. Everything looks comfortably familiar in black-and-white: hairstyles, suits and dresses, wind-up Victrolas, candlestick telephones, steam locomotives, wood-paneled station wagons, window shades with pull-cords, everything.  So, I was surprised when someone … Continue reading

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Yik Yak

“Behind App’s Rise, Dark Side Looms” by Evelyn Rusli and Jeff Elder.  The Wall Street Journal, 11/26/2014. I have been having fun playing with the app “Yik Yak.” It is a digital bulletin board where anyone can anonymously post anything … Continue reading

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The Changing Middle Class Family—What Else is New?

“Fractured Families” by Kay Hymowitz, a book review of “Labor’s Love Lost” by Andrew J. Cherlin. The Wall Street Journal, 1/6/2015. In the 1950s, blue-collar working men proudly took home paychecks that often exceeded those of professionals. Their wives stayed … Continue reading

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