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At Billy Penn’s Feet

On a recent exploration trip to Philadelphia, I stopped in City Hall to ask about the “Tower Tour” that they offer for $3.  The woman at the desk first said there was no opening for another hour, they only take … Continue reading

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Longwood Gardens Sunflowers and Solar Payback

Longwood Garden’s field of sunflowers that got such attention last summer (see January 25 posting) was not repeated this year.  I was told by their staff that the field is back to growing corn, and I could view that instead.  I … Continue reading

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LAHS Antiques Roadshow

Jerry Jerome sent me an Inquirer article from June 29 that says officials of Penn Wood High, as our old school is now known, recently discovered this painting stashed away and long forgotten.  (I downloaded the photo from the Inquirer … Continue reading

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Alice’s Restaurant

In 1967, 20-year-old Arlo Guthrie, son of the iconic folksinger Woody Guthrie, performed his song Alice’s Restaurant on New York’s WBAI, the same FM station that has been replaying the old Jean Shepherd programs.  Alice’s Restaurant is best described as … Continue reading

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Updates On Bidets, Jean Shepherd, Gulpsty

I posted my enthusiasm for my new bidet a year ago on July 11, 2010 (Japanese Toilets, American Style).  Since then, my enthusiasm has not abated, but neither has it transferred to friends or family who had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Ode to My Dental Hygienist

Here is a poem that I once copied from a Jean Shepherd program who got it from who-knows-where.  I passed on to my hygienist.  Feel free to pass it on to yours. Hygienist, in your dental chair I sit, Without … Continue reading

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Coffee-Smelling Urine

Several months ago, my wife was throwing out several cans of expired mocha-flavored Ultra Slim Fast.  She had tried it a few years ago, but did not like the taste, and these were the leftovers. I don’t mind expired food, … Continue reading

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Mark Twain On Juries

Mark Twain’s Roughing It has become one of my favorite books (see posting of 1/14/2007).  His frequent and extensive digressions that quickly jump from a serious explanation to a hilarious leg-pulling read like a collection of individual short stories.  As … Continue reading

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Watching the Wimbledon matches this week, I had to wonder, when did they begin paying the commentators by the word?   Of course commentators are there to comment, but why do they babble on incessantly, often ignoring what is happening on … Continue reading

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