LAHS Antiques Roadshow

Jerry Jerome sent me an Inquirer article from June 29 that says officials of Penn Wood High, as our old school is now known, recently discovered this painting stashed away and long forgotten.  (I downloaded the photo from the Inquirer web site.)  It was painted by Walter Emerson Baum, a well-known Depression-era artist who gave talks at local schools.

The painting was bought for an unknown price in the 1930s by a booster group who held a bridge party in the gym to pay for it.  According to the article, the painting hung in the school lobby for many years among the trophy case (which I remember) and a portrait of  “a district dignitary.”  (Dr. Abbott is my guess.)  They hope to sell it for $20,000.

I only have a vague recollection of some sort of painting there, but the one found seems like a very forgettable painting that any of us could have walked past a thousand times and never noticed.  If they can get $20,000 for it, take it and run is my advice.  If you want it, now’s your chance.

Does anyone remember this painting hanging in the lobby?  Juliet Calabro would probably know since she worked as the office secretary after our graduation.


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