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More Road Millers

As mentioned in a previous posting, a road miller is the world’s most unloved—and ugliest—machine.  It is ugly, it is loud, it is dirty.  No little boy asks Santa for a toy road miller in his stocking.  Any adult who … Continue reading

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The Future Economy

Here we go again with the possibility of another stalemate on raising debt ceiling.  Relax, I don’t think it matters. Either way, a financial disaster is right around the corner.  Do you want your catastrophe now or later?  It is … Continue reading

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Grease Guns

In a Jean Shepherd childhood story from one of his 1960s WOR radio programs, he scoffs at his father who would change the oil and grease his car as a ritual of spring.  Shep’s tone was clearly mocking in the … Continue reading

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Years ago, HBO aired an interview with a legal prostitute in Nevada. She told about the variety of her customers, why she went into the business, and what she did on her off-hours. All very interesting, but (unlike the photo … Continue reading

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