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A Quick and Easy Root Beer Float

Those root beer floats of our high school days were made by loosely filling a glass with vanilla ice cream, pouring root beer over it, and stirring with a long iced tea spoon. The cold ice cream released the carbonation … Continue reading

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Understanding Black Dialect

“You Don’t Understand,” by Vinson Cunningham. The New Yorker, 5/15/2017. A review of books by John McWhorter, linguist,  author, and Columbia professor. I won’t go into the arguments for or against Black English becoming a recognized dialect, an American street … Continue reading

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Fake Eyelashes

I am amazed at how often I see fake eyelashes on female TV personalities.  I am first drawn in by their attractive eyes, but then I notice their eyelashes stick out like  dollar-store paint brushes, and I laugh at myself … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Volunteering — But Not At Longwood Gardens

The trouble with volunteering is that organizations are paying you nothing, so they often value your time as worth nothing—and treat you accordingly. When my wife first retired, she volunteered for data entry work in her church’s office, one day … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Healthcare, No matter How You Figure It

The basic problem of any healthcare program is that everyone wants the best doctors, the latest procedures, and the widest range of tests, but no one wants to pay for it, least of all the injured party.  They feel they … Continue reading

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On the Streets of New York

So, there I am in New York City, and I notice a flock of cameramen following this model.   I am a curious guy, so, naturally, I turn around and look. Gawk, you may call it. The next day, I … Continue reading

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Peggy Lipton, Quincy Jones, and Rashida Jones

“‘Twin Peaks’ celebrates the inventive, bizarre,” by Frazier Moore, Associated Press.  The  News-Journal (Wilmington), 5/20/2017. Actress Peggy Lipton has many fans who remember her from her earlier days as the ingenue member of The Mod Squad. I learned of this … Continue reading

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