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Fels-Naphtha Soap

My mother always had an ancient, orange, swayback bar of Fels-Naphtha soap near the laundry tubs. It always sat beside the box of Rinso. So did my wife’s Japanese-American mother. It was meant for laundry, but we used it on … Continue reading

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Radio Dramas

(This is a recently discovered, old article that was never published.) Do you miss the old radio dramas? You could listen as you did other things: get dressed in the morning, empty the dishwasher, wash the car, whatever. But the … Continue reading

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Back To Philly!

The Old System: (This section  is just for background, so you can skip it if you need to.) For the past several years, I often took the SEPTA train from Marcus Hook into Philly on my own just to explore … Continue reading

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Antiques Roadshow Thoughts

I love watching PBS’s Antiques Roadshow. I love it when the expert says that item picked up years ago at a flea market for a few dollars is an early Tiffany that would easily get $10,000 at an auction. Almost … Continue reading

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It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

I was watching this old movie (four “Mads”) on TV last night. I call such movies Dead People Movies because everyone in it, even the youngest, has long since died. The movie was made in 1963, and I think it … Continue reading

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What TV House Hunters Find Important

Those home-search TV shows are my last-resort shows to watch when I can find nothing else (which is happening more frequently lately). These are the ones where a couple is looking to move to a new location, often a vacation … Continue reading

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Vocabulary: Pickelhaupt

(Vocabulary postings are words or phrases I recently came across in reading, did not fully understand, looked up, and discovered something new.) What is the name of the WWI spiked helmet worn by the German army? A: Pickelhaupt, which literally … Continue reading

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