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How To Vacuum Like a Man (With a Rocket)

When my wife’s declining health left me with the job of vacuuming, I quickly gave up on our old upright Hoover and bought a Rocket model described as a “stick vacuum.” Best purchase I ever made.  It was only about … Continue reading

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The Origin of the Novel

“The Man Who Made the Novel,” by Adelle Waldman. The New Yorker, 5/16/2016. The world’s first novel is generally acknowledged to be Lady Murasaki’s Tale of Genji that popped up out of nowhere in 11th Century Japan. But it went … Continue reading

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Senior Dating In a Buick

When my twice-married, twice-divorced buddy at the senior center was still around, I wrote about his descriptions of the dating scene at our age.  But I recently recalled one more item that surprised me.  He told me women wanted to … Continue reading

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Pierre du Pont and Military Purchases

When WWI broke out, there was no president of what to charge for the large purchases by the US and allied governments.  The Spanish-American war had been too short, and the Civil War before it was too far in the … Continue reading

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The Black Girl and the Old White Guy At the Subway Station

Last year, I was in center-city Philadelphia about noon on a pleasant spring day, so pleasant, I decided to ride the subway down to the Second Street Station near Penn’s Landing and spend some time gazing at the Ben Franklin … Continue reading

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Memories of a Culture Past

Recently a long-time friend asked my wife to talk to a local minority boy who wanted to learn about Japanese culture.  The friend assured her this minority boy has a strong desire to learn and is in many ways an … Continue reading

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Sexy Ads

Very often my Yahoo! browser screen has an ad for a testosterone boosting supplement. (How they know I am a candidate would be interesting, but that is beside the point here.) And I am only assuming they are selling some … Continue reading

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