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The World on Your Computer (or Phone)

All the time, everywhere, I see people totally engrossed in their phones, while stepping into a street with traffic, at parties, at lectures, even at funerals. What could they find so engrossing? Now I know, and I don’t even have … Continue reading

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What You Want Doesn’t Matter

Live long enough, and, more and more, what you want doesn’t matter. What you want is  irrelevant. You are irrelevant.  This is natural, but is a big change, and much of the heartache as we age comes from fighting this … Continue reading

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Telling Time by Age

There is an age difference in the way people express time. I noticed this when a young clerk at my dentist’s office called to remind me that my appointment was at ten forty-five.  She must have grown up with digital … Continue reading

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Using Chopsticks

I see many Westerners struggling with chopsticks, all because of one fundamental misunderstanding: both sticks do not move. The bottom stick stays stationary, and only the top stick moves. If you are first learning, practice holding just the bottom chopstick … Continue reading

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Back in our high school days, one of our classmates, who I will not reveal (medical privacy), had occasional bleeding gums and told us his mother was taking him to the doctor. He came back with the diagnosis: scurvy! What … Continue reading

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Soul Patch

I have said before that an important use of my tablet is to look up words I am unsure of and would normally guess at their meaning. One of these is “soul patch,” used in a recent New Yorker article … Continue reading

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The Stinkbug Invasion

“Home Invasion,” by Kathryn Schulz. The New Yorker, 3/12/2018. If you only know a stinkbug as a dime-sized, flat, slow bug, you have not dealt with a home invasion by thousands of them. But you will. Eventually, you will. They … Continue reading

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Engelbert Humperdinck

I was searching for a song and came across his name. He was born in 1936, the same as many of us, but I had not heard of him in years and wondered if he was still alive. (He had … Continue reading

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The How-Not-To-Ride-a-Bike Ad

It is a Volkswagen ad. It is not meant to be funny, or to teach a lesson, or to show us how stupid girls can be. It opens by three boys, about 10-years-old, on their bikes, skidding to a stop … Continue reading

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I had a friend at the senior center, 85, who left me with this one piece of very useful advice before he died: use less soap on our bodies. We don’t need nearly as much as the advertisers have conditioned … Continue reading

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