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One More Gone

Ed Hagopian was told that Keith Jacobsen, who we were pleased to see at our 50th reunion, has passed away from prostate cancer.  Thanks, and condolences, to Keith’s partner for keeping us informed.

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Approaching 80

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal prompted me to download Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels from  It is a philosophical book, very different than the familiar Disney movie version. The article was about the increasing medical success on … Continue reading

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Ahead of the Crowd

Readers of this blog are one step ahead of the crowd.  According to our local newspaper, The Pioneer Woman (see June 5 posting) pioneers her own TV cooking series on the Food Network this Saturday.

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Forever Razors

I have always been a wet-shaver with a razor and shaving brush.  Many men hate shaving and will skip a day or more whenever they have a chance, but for me, starting each morning lathering up with warm soapy water … Continue reading

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Benghazi Fans

When I log into my account for this blog to add a new posting, it shows me a rudimentary list of statistics.  One of the stats is the top hits from searches by you out there over the past week.  … Continue reading

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Philadelphia’s Fortune Cookie Factory

It sounds touristy, but it is nothing like that.  The Fortune Cookie Factory, also knows as the Chinese Cookie Factory, the Lucky Chinese Cookie Factory, or anything similar depending on the current sign, is on edge of Philadelphia’s Chinatown at … Continue reading

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Internet Dating

I was fascinated by recent New Yorker article by Nick Paumgarten on Internet dating sites, the ones that often advertise on TV such as the cloying eHarmony.  It’s not that I have any intention of trying one.  For me, the … Continue reading

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