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The Blueberry Pickers Scandal

The Wall Street Journal, 9/2/2014. Opinions page. Once again, our federal government’s bumbling has sparked outrage, even bipartisan outrage. It all started in 2012 when the Labor Department charged a blueberry farmer’s association with wage-law violations. They threatened to seize … Continue reading

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Roger, the Fashion Expert

You wouldn’t guess it from my looks, but I am a men’s fashion expert, thanks to a recent supplement in The Wall Street Journal. Here are the results of my education: The ultimate look we all want: a snarling, gel-haired … Continue reading

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Global Warming and Corporate Irresponsibility

This past weekend, many cities saw demonstrations demanding corporations—or the government, or somebody—do more to stem greenhouse emissions that are causing global warming.  The weekend was unusually warm, adding to their urgency.  At the end of the day, many of … Continue reading

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As Death Approaches

When a classmate’s father was dying from cancer a few years after our high school graduation, the family was very upset, but shortly before his passing, he unexpectedly assured everyone, “It’s going to be all right.”  Death, he came to … Continue reading

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Declaring War

As President Obama described his plans for increasing military action in the Middle East, he concluded with, “I welcome the support of Congress in this effort.”  He considers the support of Congress optional because it is not a war, only … Continue reading

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The Changing Use of Photography

When I asked to take a photo of the woman in charge of the volunteers at Longwood Gardens, she replied, “Sure. What are you going to do with it?” I was surprised by her question, but it is certainly relevant … Continue reading

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Overheard . . .

Two elderly women at our senior center: “My boyfriend’s getting so shaky, I have to lean him against a wall to kiss him.”

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Library Addiction and the Dominance of the Internet

“Fighting the Internet Invasion of Childhood” by Martin Kutnowski. The Wall Street Journal, 9/10/2014 The author, a professor at a small Canadian university, describes his 10-year-old daughter’s howls of protest when he found a way to program his home router … Continue reading

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Grief Counciling

“To Be a Friend In a Time of Need, Talk Less, Listen More.” by Elizabeth Bernstein. The Wall Street Journal, 8/26/2014. After my mother and her four siblings became adults and began their own families, my pioneering grandfather lived on … Continue reading

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Ladies! (or Guys)

I recently sent an email to two of my Penn State classmates, both widows and, of course, in their late 70s as I am. They are the ones shown in the photo in the posting on Don Walden last week.  … Continue reading

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