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Grampop’s East Lansdowne House

(“Grampop” was exactly what we always called him.  Not “Grandpop,” not “Granddad,” not the Japanese  “O-Tosan.” When we are children, we apply childish names to the adults around us, and we continue to use those names even after we become … Continue reading

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Other Languages

“Most Die Young,” by Camille Bordas. The New Yorker, 1/2/2017. Bordas’ article is a fiction piece, but, in one tiny segment, she makes a good point about languages that checks out as true. When learning about a different culture, we … Continue reading

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New Jardiance Commercial

There is a new Jardiance commercial that thinks TV is still back in the 1950s. Jardiance is for the treatment of type 2 diabetes that also reduces the chance of a stroke. It is competitive with Victoza, another highly advertised … Continue reading

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Publishing a Post Vs. Publishing a Book

The term for uploading a blog posting is “publish,” although I am not quite comfortable with this. We expect a published work to be cast in stone. That is, if you read a reference to a quote from a specific … Continue reading

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My Bench

Near my front door, separated by a brick wall that supports a small roof protecting those entering the house from the weather, is a bench, one of my better buys (Lowe’s), of painted cast aluminum that never rusts and is … Continue reading

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Beach Advertising

For many years, I have been  checking out Florida’s Boca Raton (mouth of the rat) website that shows the beach where I have spent many happy hours. But in the last few years, I was puzzled when, during the summer … Continue reading

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Rainy Days In May

I regularly check  Microsoft’s weather forecast on my Windows 10 computer (it is an app, so if you don’t have Windows 10, you can’t see it by going to their website). One of the unusual things it tells me is … Continue reading

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