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Belin the Cat at Longwood Gardens

I mentioned in the previous posting that Belin, the head resident cat at Longwood, totally ignored me on Christmas Day because I never feed him. Just a week before, the weather was unusually warm, and he was sunning himself in … Continue reading

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A Perfect Christmas Morning at Longwood

At home, there has always been a gap in the Christmas Day activities between mid-morning, after everyone has exchanged presents and has had breakfast, and late afternoon as relatives began to gather for Christmas dinner.  Over the years, more activities—church … Continue reading

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Hikikomori and Otaku

The June 22 posting discussed the current phenomenon of hikikomori, where huge numbers of young Japanese men remain alone in their bedrooms all day to play computer games, using sites like Facebook for their social contacts while their doting parents … Continue reading

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LAHS School Board

There has been some interest in the old posting of 6/25/2005 on our school board.  That was posted on the Microsoft website who has since gotten out of web hosting.  They transferred all of the postings to the current WordPress … Continue reading

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Nexus 7

I recently bought a Nexus 7 tablet mainly to show stored photographs to Longwood Gardens visitors, but that alone seemed extravagant, so I was looking for additional uses.  Sure enough, like so many others, I have already found I am … Continue reading

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Winston S. Churchill, Author

I have never been aware of differences in writing style as clearly as I recognize differences in speech of those I know well.  Winston Churchill always spoke in an unforgettable style, so I thought I could learn something about writing … Continue reading

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Has anyone noticed the silos that once dotted our countryside have mostly disappeared?  What has happened to them all?  A barn with an attached silo is an icon of rural America, but on a trip this summer through Virginia, Tennessee, … Continue reading

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