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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.

LED Bulbs

Almost all of my home lighting is with LED bulbs that take so little electricity that my habit of turning off lights as I leave a room is no longer necessary.  This has been a true revolution, a major turn … Continue reading

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Speculation In the News

Here is a comment with no facts to back it up: Most of the news is not news at all, but speculation. My theory is that there are not enough new facts every day to fill up the media. Where … Continue reading

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Comments You See Here

I admit I don’t fully understand how the comments you see in the next column on the right work. WordPress used to ask for my approval before they published a comment, but now I see published comments that I have … Continue reading

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The Last One Standing

I may well turn out to be the last survivor of our class, although this could have already changed by the time you read this. It doesn’t matter. Being the last survivor, perhaps living to 100 is no fun, and … Continue reading

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First Peggy Lipton, Now Doris Day And Tim Conway

The world is a bit dimmer. Peggy Lipton died a few days ago, May 11, at age 72, and now Doris Day on May 13, at age 97. I stumbled across Peggy Lipton writing about her daughter, Rashida Jones. I … Continue reading

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We All Need To Think Like Lawyers

“Low-carb diet linked to earlier death, study says,” by Ashley May.  USA Today, 8/18/2018. This study, called by its senior author of the original scientific publication,  “the most comprehensive study of carbohydrate intake.” The research compared data from over 15,400 … Continue reading

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Sunglasses And Earmuffs

(This is another lost posting written, but never published.) There are two things I avoid wearing because they cause dependence: sunglasses and earmuffs. Years ago, when I was young, sexy, and super-cool, I always wore sunglasses, but on the rare … Continue reading

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