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My reasons for writing this blog are spelled out in the posting of 10/1/2012, Montaigne's Essays. They are probably not what you think.

Familiarity Breeds . . . Boredom!

This morning, about 7am, I was on the Internet, watching the many people on the Ocean City boardwalk, and noticing how everyone there was exercising: cycling, running, jogging, or just walking briskly, even those clearly unused to exercise. My view … Continue reading

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Aging Gracefully at the Grocery Store (Or Not)

Most days, most times, we can get away with it. If our health is good and we are reasonably fit, we can convince ourselves that we are not aging and are just as good as ever. Until reality hits us … Continue reading

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Thatched Roofs and Pounded Walls

“Silver Tiger,” by Lu Yang, translated by Eric Abrahamsen. The New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2018. This is a piece of fiction, but in it the author gives a description of building a thatched-roof country house, a type that … Continue reading

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Kind Employees At Longwood Gardens

Longwood Gardens is not all fountains and flowers.  It also has many good employees, and here are some examples: All volunteers wear name badges while they are working, The badges have our first name, “VOLUNTEER” in big letters, and the … Continue reading

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A Long, Black Snake

As I was pulling out of my driveway this morning, I saw a 5-foot black snake crawling along the edge of the asphalt. When I jumped out of the car to grab it, the snake reversed course and scooted under … Continue reading

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The Invasion of Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass! The name sounds so calming, so idyllic, so desirable. But other names are more descriptive: dogs tooth grass, wire grass, devil grass. Its scientific name is Cynodon dactylon, if you really need to know. Each year we in … Continue reading

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Wayne Kressley’s Photos

A few year’s ago, our classmate Wayne Kressley approached me while I was volunteering at Longwood Gardens. I am glad he did, because I probably wouldn’t have recognized him, at least with not enough certainty to say something. I wear … Continue reading

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