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The Joy of Running

I have a reoccurring dream in which I am running with great speed, yet with no effort, no shortness of breath; I am levitating, my feet a few inches above the ground.  I am usually running through a city, running … Continue reading

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Environmental Responsibility

Is anyone else offended by the commercials scolding us to do better in protecting the environment?  I have no complaint with the message, only its delivery.  If you were an executive at a large oil company and wanted to deflect … Continue reading

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Mixed in with my old family photos are four obituaries that my grandmother had cut from the newspaper and pasted on a 3 x 5 card.  A typical one of my great-grandmother from 1931 reads: “GIEBLER:—June 2,  CAROLINE H., wife … Continue reading

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All the Same

A few years ago, an 80-year-old woman asked me for a swimming lesson, and we agreed to meet at the pool one afternoon during a normally quiet time.  After the lesson,  I showered and dressed, but as I was leaving, … Continue reading

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