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John Wisdom

“Unwelcome Guests,” by James Wood. The New Yorker, 8/22/2016. There really was an English philosopher named John Wisdom who died fairly recently in 1993. With a name like that, his occupation was set from birth. He even looked like a … Continue reading

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Scheduled Postings

WordPress, the host for this blog, recently set up a method of scheduling a post anytime in the future, a feature that I already use routinely. I publish every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as these days begin, which means soon … Continue reading

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A Tribute To John McCain

John McCain was a class act, and I felt the need to note his passing. I wrote about him recently during the first signs of his illness, and earlier about Carol Shepp, his first wife, in Lansdowne-Aldan’s class of 1955, … Continue reading

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Joy Williams

“Unwelcome Guests,” by James Wood. The New Yorker, 8/22/2016. This New Yorker article reviews the recent new book, “Ninety-nine Stories of God,” by the quirky and cryptic, hilarious author, Joy Williams. In one quoted passage, a strange, uninvited guest at … Continue reading

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Word of the Day: Oeuvre

I came across this word in Garrison Keillor’s column available on the Internet. (I still like Keillor’s writing, no matter what he is accused of. I think he was quite right at his age to simply retire, rather than fight … Continue reading

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Dixie Cups

Speaking of Dixie cups (0r not), I always liked the photo of a movie star printed on the underside of the lid. It was protected with a piece of translucent wax paper that was easily peeled off once you separated … Continue reading

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The Brady Bunch Bathroom

Occasionally, they showed the bathroom on the old Brady Bunch episodes. Did you ever notice the bathroom had no toilet? Six kids, two adults, one maid, and no toilet? (I learned this on a click-bait website, so it must be … Continue reading

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