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A Jimmy Durante Song

“Around the Bend In Eighty Days,” by S. J. Perelman. The New Yorker, 1/8/1972. Perelman claims Jimmy Durante was singing this in the old Parody Club in 1928 (Durante started out as a ragtime pianist and added funny comments to … Continue reading

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New Yorker cartoon, 12/30/1972: Two housewives are talking over a breakfast table. One says to the other, “And didn’t you love Rinso White, Rinso Bright, Happy Little Washday Song? They don’t write them like that anymore.” (This was in 1972.) … Continue reading

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Getting Through Winter

For about 30 years, I walked to work everyday in all conditions, so the weather was important to me. I coped with winter by setting milestones. (I hated an early snowfall. It thawed and refroze on the streets in slippery, … Continue reading

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Modern China

“Delivering Modernity,” by Jiayang Fan. The New Yorker, 7/23/2018. This is still another example of an article I initially passed by, but later found informative. The article was illustrated by a full-page drawing of a drone, and I had already … Continue reading

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Boxes In the Attic

I have spent the day going through boxes of articles from old New Yorker magazines that I saved when they were first published. I think the articles I am going through now are from the 1970s, although I can’t be … Continue reading

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Relieving A Snoot Full Of Snot

Growing up in East Lansdowne, several of my grandfather’s male neighbors (on Melrose Avenue, near the school) were Italians from the old country with very thick accents. They would talk with my grandfather while tending their adjoining gardens in a … Continue reading

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Vocabulary: Dad Jokes and Mom Jeans

(Vocabulary postings are words or phrases I recently came across in reading, did not fully understand, looked up, and discovered something new.) A dad joke is a weak, corny joke, typically a pun, that a dad would tell to his … Continue reading

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