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Stephen King: How One Writer Was Formed

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, by Stephen King.  Simon & Schuster, 2000. King’s book is not a book of grammar. It has no chapter titled “Most Misused Words.” It seems like an autobiography, but Stephen King tells us … Continue reading

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Unidentified Foreign Object

This morning I lifted my computer keyboard and found underneath a small, black, irregular object that looked like a curled up, dead carpenter ant, except there were no round parts. I put it in my mouth, in the front so … Continue reading

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Dick Cavett

“Love and Desire Under the Elms,” by Dick Cavett as told to Marc Myers. The Wall Street Journal, 11/7/2014. Dick Cavett is now 77, about our age. He looks good—older than we remember him, but still good. That bodes well … Continue reading

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Pierre du Pont and the Kennett Pike

Along Route 52: Delaware’s Historic Kennett Pike by Andrew D. Engel, archivist, Hagley Museum and Library.  Images of America, Arcadia Publishing, 2014. Kennett Pike, Route 52, runs north along a ridge from Wilmington, Delaware, through the small towns of Greenville, … Continue reading

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Joe Biden as a Dad

Here in Delaware, we all know Joe Biden. The population of all of Delaware is less than one million people, about that of San Jose, California. He is  like an eccentric uncle who often embarrasses us, but we’re used to … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Do It to be Cool: The Lincoln Car Commercial With Matthew McConaughey

“Lincoln Revival: MKC Dances With the Stars” by Dan Neil. The Wall Street Journal, 11/15/2014. Dan Neil of The Wall Street Journal is reviewing the Lincoln MKC, categorized as a “premium crossover” (he likes it), but his first part about … Continue reading

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Political Correctness and Trigger Warnings

“The Liberals Are Killing the Liberal Arts,” by Harvey Silvergate. The Wall Street Journal, 11/10/2014. In the October just passed, MIT circulated a survey questionnaire to its student body on sexual assault to determine the extent of the problem, if … Continue reading

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Getting Organized: A Posting Schedule and Past Winners

From now on, I plan to post on Mondays and Fridays and an occasional posting on Wednesdays to get caught up with minor items. I tend to write more than most people want to read, so I don’t expect this … Continue reading

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My Selfie “Runners Know a Stitch Hurts Time, But Its Cause Remains a Mystery,” by Kevin Helliker.  The Wall Street Journal, Nov 1, 2014. Ow, ow! At grade-school recess, I would often stop running, doubled over by a pain in … Continue reading

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Video Blogs and Writing for Pay

I have not the slightest desire to be paid for anything I write, but I do know many who see writing as a path to fame and fortune (and more who would just appreciate a crumb now and then for … Continue reading

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