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What’s in a Name?

Many years ago my wife and I were square dancing at the Faulk Elementary School.  It was easy to find—right on Foulk Road.  Spelling variants of old Dutch and Swedish names are taken in stride by Delaware residents.  The town … Continue reading

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Tom Swift, Boy Inventor

Did any of you read the Bobbsey Twins when you were young?  Tom Swift?  Nancy Drew? You can do it again because these and hundreds of other books whose copyright has expired can be downloaded from for free.  The … Continue reading

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The Highland Avenue School

I have always been fascinated with the Highland Avenue School. Not only was it once the high school, but it reminded me of my grandfather’s ancient house with its uneven, creaky wood floors and dark corners.  Being gone without a … Continue reading

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The Fourth of July (almost) in Washington, DC

The Smithsonian traditionally runs their huge Folklife Festival on the Mall as part of Washington’s annual Fourth of July Celebration. What is less known is that the Folklife Festival always begins on the weekend before the Fourth of July when … Continue reading

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