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Sleep On

“The Secret Of Sleep,” by Jerome Groopman. The New Yorker, 10/23/2017. Book review of The Mystery Of Sleep, by Meir Kryger. Jerome Groopman is a physician and Meir Kryger is a professor at Yale Medical School, which gives their article … Continue reading

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The Older You Get, The Easier You Can Lose It

For many years, I have known a woman in our senior center, who by now must be in her early 90s. She lived alone in her own home which was now far too big for her needs. Her husband died … Continue reading

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Garrison Keillor

I still read Garrison Keillor. Since he retired from the radio show, Prairie Home Companion, his weekly syndicated column from the Washington Post began appearing in our local newspaper. When I wanted to recall last week’s column, I found on … Continue reading

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What the Sam Hill, Cortana?

“What the Sam Hill?” was a phrase my father often used, but none of my generation did, and I had not heard it for years, not even in old movies where they often said  “swell” and called adult women “kid.” … Continue reading

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Octogenarian Sleeping and Eating Habits

In my college days at Penn State, naps were a planned activity, not just something  casually drifted into. When asked about my schedule, I might say something like, “I have an early lab from 8 to 10, then back to … Continue reading

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Feet Almighty — And Still Growing

Our feet keep growing as we age. I was always a size 9 through high school, college, and many years after. Then I found 9 ½ to be more comfortable. More recently, I went to a 10, and now even … Continue reading

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A Slow-Walking Wake Up Call

About a month ago, I was walking up a paved path, much like this famous Robert Crumb figure, to begin my shift at Longwood Garden’s Peirce–du Pont House, when a 15-year-old girl passed me like I was standing still. Yet … Continue reading

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