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Octogenarian Sleeping and Eating Habits

In my college days at Penn State, naps were a planned activity, not just something  casually drifted into. When asked about my schedule, I might say something like, “I have an early lab from 8 to 10, then back to … Continue reading

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Feet Almighty — And Still Growing

Our feet keep growing as we age. I was always a size 9 through high school, college, and many years after. Then I found 9 ½ to be more comfortable. More recently, I went to a 10, and now even … Continue reading

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A Slow-Walking Wake Up Call

About a month ago, I was walking up a paved path, much like this famous Robert Crumb figure, to begin my shift at Longwood Garden’s Peirce–du Pont House, when a 15-year-old girl passed me like I was standing still. Yet … Continue reading

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Female Beauty, Year By Year

I recently came across a website (more of a click-bait site) where you enter the year you were born, and it shows you a woman, usually a popular movie star, considered to be a great beauty that year. But when … Continue reading

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Women Of China

While touring in China in 2008, shortly after they hosted the Summer Olympics, I took over a thousand photographs, mostly by briefly hanging back as our tour group moved on. Here is a selection of the ones of the women, … Continue reading

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Seventy Is the New Ninety

I was watching a performance that I accidentally discovered on America’s Got Talent  as I was changing channels. A twenty-something girl who was horribly burned in an airplane crash was singing a song she may have written herself, or it … Continue reading

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John McCain And Aging

Poor John McCain, fumbling around at the Comey hearings, confused, not making sense. We can sympathize. We are about the same age (John was born in August, 1936, so he is technically still 80, technically a year younger than me), … Continue reading

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