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Children and Longwood

Longwood Gardens just opened a magnificent new children’s area in their main conservatory featuring many unique state-of-the-art fountain displays in about an equal mix with the plants and flowers.  In just one example, a series of small fountains at child-height … Continue reading

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Priceless Photo!

Ed Hagopian found this classic old photo showing Ed Henrie’s birthday party, my guess is about his eighth.  It shows Ken Rishel, Ed Hagopian, Al Harrison, Ed Henrie, David Lite, Jim Valentine, and Judy Bates. The complete list, including those … Continue reading

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Dating Today

A recent Wall Street Journal column (Nov. 1) by Jeffrey Zaslow describes dating today that was new to me.  A boy asked his 16-year-old daughter to a homecoming dance.  They all dressed up with gowns, tuxes, and corsages, met together … Continue reading

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