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Hong Kong And Its Associated Names

So, now you know about Shanghai—the Bund, and the Pudong, and all of that from the earlier posting.  You are ready for the still-more-complicated Hong Kong. Stop fidgeting! Hong Kong is a mountainous island  in Victoria Harbor in the South … Continue reading

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Shanghai’s Pudong And Philadelphia

This view of the Pudong business district in Shanghai often illustrates advertisements and articles about international corporations expanding into China. It all looks new, modern, and spiffy.  The TV tower with the ball on the left is distinctive, and is … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Sun

Almost invariably, native-born Asian women look 15 years younger than they are. In our travels to Japan, and later China, and in talking with visitors at Longwood Gardens, we would often talk with women who appeared in their mid-30s, and … Continue reading

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Cicero On Growing Old And “Eyebrows Of Longevity”

” Cicero On Growing Old.” Notable & Quotable, The Wall Street Journal, 4/6/2016. (From a new translation by Philip Freeman.) Cicero is quoting Cato’s fictional reply to a complement from Scipio on how well he accepts his aging: Cato: Those … Continue reading

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The World’s Sexiest Dress

It is the Chinese-style dress called a “cheongsam” or “qipao.”  “Cheongsam” seems to be more common and is understood even with my Delaware accent. The dress alone explains why there are so many Chinese in the world.  The style is … Continue reading

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Chinese Women’s Headdresses

This is my favorite of all the bizarre headdresses, a style once worn by China’s Long-horn Miao minority, according to the Internet reference. It is of natural hair saved by the women and by many generations of their long-dead ancestors. … Continue reading

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Chaos On the Ocean City Boardwalk and Streets of China

The Ocean City boardwalk is divided up into four designated lanes: Runners, Bicycles, Surreys, and Pedestrians. The streets in China’s cities are divided into three lanes: Cars, Bicycles/Motor Scooters, and Pedestrians. In both, only a few pay any attention to … Continue reading

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