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Made in China

We think almost everything we buy is made in China, but a Wall Street Journal article points out that the situation is not as bad as it seems. Over 88% of goods and services we consume are still produced domestically.  … Continue reading

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Modern China

“Delivering Modernity,” by Jiayang Fan. The New Yorker, 7/23/2018. This is still another example of an article I initially passed by, but later found informative. The article was illustrated by a full-page drawing of a drone, and I had already … Continue reading

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A Woman of Color, But Not LGBTQ

I am married to a woman of color. How cool is that! I asked my wife the other night if she was a woman of color (she is Asian of Japanese descent). She did not know, but she never identified … Continue reading

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Thatched Roofs and Pounded Walls

“Silver Tiger,” by Lu Yang, translated by Eric Abrahamsen. The New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2018. This is a piece of fiction, but in it the author gives a description of building a thatched-roof country house, a type that … Continue reading

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Lonely In a Crowd

BBC Online: I look to Asia to see our future, and it is of isolation in the midst of increasing population. It is also about attempts to relieve loneliness with Internet connections. This latest series of the BBC documents … Continue reading

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Shanghai Businesses

This is a photo I took from a bus window as we rode through the streets of Shanghai several years ago. It shows typical Chinese businesses at two levels of sophistication. Local Chinese businesses typically begin in one room, about … Continue reading

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Women Of China

While touring in China in 2008, shortly after they hosted the Summer Olympics, I took over a thousand photographs, mostly by briefly hanging back as our tour group moved on. Here is a selection of the ones of the women, … Continue reading

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