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Say Again?

Sentient Jet is a private jet charter service for those who like to fly privately but don’t want the hassle of owning a  jet. Their recent ad in The Wall Street Journal made me wonder if I just read a … Continue reading

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Poetry and a Poet

“Insurance Man,” by Peter Schjeldahl. The New Yorker, 5/2/2016. Wallace Stevens, the subject of this New Yorker article, was a well-known blank verse poet of the 1930s who only wrote poetry as a sideline to his career as an insurance company … Continue reading

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Redskins Solution

A letter writer to our local newspaper, John Hannagan, had an ingenious idea to solve the controversy of “Redskins” as a nickname for sports teams (a local high school team in Delaware is called “the Redskins”): Keep the name, but … Continue reading

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“Before You Brexit, How About a Hug?” by Georgi Kantchev. The Wall Street Journal, 5/16/2016. A group of European expatriates in Britain are attempting to influence the natives to stay in the European Union by hugging them. They lurk in … Continue reading

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“Here, Quokka! Selfie Collectors Descend on Baffled Marsupials,” by Dan Strumpf. The Wall Street Journal, 5/19/2016. You probably never heard of a quokka, but they are the shmoos of Western Australia (although they do not give milk, lay eggs, or … Continue reading

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The Downside of Dharma

I hung out with Jim Finnegan almost every day for over ten years at the senior center. I use his full name because he is now lost to me from Alzheimer’s, physically as well as mentally, and I am hoping … Continue reading

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The Dharma of Caregiving

“After Death, the Wonderful World Moves On,” by Stephen J. Lyons. The Wall Street Journal, 5/1/2016. The story goes that a Buddhist priest was sitting on a river bank when he noticed a scorpion struggling in the water. He reached … Continue reading

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