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Weeds and Bag Worms

This year, at this season, one of my morning chores is to weed the shrubbery, mostly with the wiggle hoe. I know the results are temporary, like a toddler boy all spiffied up with his hair combed and wearing a … Continue reading

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Gail Bonner

We all remember classmate Gail as the ultimate ditzy blond, but she had us all fooled. From her photos and notes, she became an intelligent, quick-witted lady, staying sharper than most of us. I will not mention her lifetime job … Continue reading

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Assisted Suicides

The doctor’s letter to The Wall Street Journal editor cited for reference in the 1/26/2015 posting (Sorry this posting took so long to publish, but it was misfiled for many years, and the points it contains are still valid.) was … Continue reading

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Public Speaking, Public Listening

“Speak No Evil” by Joe Queenan. The Wall Street Journal, 6/14/2014 How does someone become a professional public speaker, someone people will pay to hear?  Queenan’s career all started by a humorous piece he wrote on public relations that was … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning At Longwood Gardens

Early last summer, Longwood management began using the library in the Peirce–du Pont House for business meetings, but I thought no business person is going to sit through a meeting in a room  with no air conditioning once the weather … Continue reading

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Memories and How Our Brains Mature

“The Terrible Teens,” by Elizabeth Kolbert. The New Yorker, 8/31/2015. Just as we have always suspected, teenage brains are defective. Mine certainly was, as those of you who knew me in high school are well aware. One example is our … Continue reading

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Ladies’ Glasses

I am wearing ladies’ glasses, but they are reading glasses I got off the rack at the dollar store, so, at worst, I am only out $1. (For only $1 each, I have several scattered about the house at opportunistic … Continue reading

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