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Creatures of Habit

When my three-year-old grandson visits each week, he wants to find everything exactly in the same place and do exactly the same things.  A compulsion for consistency is common with children his age.  The world to them must appear as … Continue reading

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Hearing Aids

I had to decide whether to get a big-screen HDTV or hearing aids.  The TV would be cheaper, but I went with the hearing aids.  The good news is that they are not as bad as I expected. If your … Continue reading

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Maturation In Men

So now it’s Eliot Spitzer.  A recent newspaper article listed about a half-dozen other politicians in recent years who also threw away a promising career when caught in a peccadillo.  Why do they do this?  Except for this one facet … Continue reading

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Conversations With Strangers

An expression around Wilmington is that any two strangers will discover they have a common acquaintance if they talk long enough.  The city is that small. But I have another, more general, observation—almost everyone has something very unique and interesting … Continue reading

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