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Two Years Before the Mast

The first nautical movie I remember was Two Years Before the Mast, starring Alan Ladd (1946). Much later, about 10 years ago, I read the book. But only today, thanks to reading Moby-Dick, did I learn the full meaning of … Continue reading

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“It’s Still Alive,” by Jill Lapore. The New Yorker, 2/12 & 19, 2018. (Coinciding with the recent re-release of the original book, Frankenstein, in paperback by Penguin Classics.) Let’s quickly pass over what most of us know: Frankenstein was written … Continue reading

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The Surprising Decline of Crime

“After the Fall,” by Adam Gopnik. The New Yorker, 2/12 & 19/2018. A major social change has occurred in the past roughly 30 years, but it has gone almost unnoticed. It has been called “the great crime decline.” Violent crime … Continue reading

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Bumps On Your Keyboard

I bet you never noticed. I didn’t. Your keyboard has tiny hyphen-shaped bumps molded on the bottom of your F and J keys. They are to help position your fingers properly by feel, without having to look down. But I … Continue reading

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Looking Back From the Traffic Light

The previous posting on this subject showed a photo of the Concord Pike intersection that looks trashy, what with all the signs and wires. It is very trashy, but I didn’t want to leave the impression my neighborhood is trashy. … Continue reading

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Waiting at a Traffic Light

Here is the situation: Every day, often twice a day, I drive out of my development and make a left turn onto Concord Pike, Rt. 202, a major 6-lane highway. All of the good stuff seems to be on the … Continue reading

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My Unitarian Neighbors

It may seem I have been waging a vendetta against the members of the Unitarian Church across the street, but I don’t mean it that way. Speaking to them individually, they seem to be kindly, gentle people. It is their … Continue reading

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