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The Yellow Traffic Light

“At Yellow Lights, Timing is Everything,” by Jo Craven McGinty. The Wall Street Journal, 10/31/2015. Busy Concord Pike is only a block away from my home, so I spend a lot of time both on it and waiting at a … Continue reading

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Police and the People

Opinion, The Wall Street Journal, 10/29/2015. FBI Director James B. Comey,  from a speech October 23: “A chill wind has changed police behavior, and now violent crime is rising.  Its victims are almost entirely young black men.” Far more people … Continue reading

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New Definitions For New Correctness

“Notable & Quotable: Equity and Inclusion.” The Wall Street Journal, 7/22/2015. Like me, you are probably falling behind in the new politically correct terminology. This list should help you keep up—a glossary from the Spring, 2015 issue of Andover Magazine, … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the Penguin

“Beached in Brazil, a Young Penguin Finds a Human Soul Mate, 71” by Paul Kiernan. The Wall Street Journal, 10/23/2015. Jinjing the penguin routinely visits a steamy tropical island in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and hangs out with his former … Continue reading

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More On Fantasy Football

“The Deals That Made Daily Fantasy Take Off,” by Matthew Futterman and Sharon Terlep. The Wall Street Journal, 10/17/2015. “Understanding Fantasy Football,” this blog, posted on September 21, 2015. When events seem to explode out of nowhere, it is usually … Continue reading

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Your Obituary Photo

I would advise everyone to have a photo suitable for their obituary ready and known to their next-of-kin. It can be of you at any age, whenever you feel was your best time, which is probably not now. Or you … Continue reading

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“Pond Scum,” by Kathryn Schulz. The New Yorker, 10/19/2015. Agggg! Pond scum? A hatchet job on my transformational author, Henry David Thoreau (whose name was really “David Henry Thoreau”)? He was, Schulz says, “self-obsessed: narcissistic, fanatical about self-control, adamant that … Continue reading

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