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The Century Plant In Bloom

At the Peirce-du Pont House in Longwood Gardens is a century plant that traditionally blooms only once every 100 years.  That is an exaggeration, but the real story is even better. The plant looks like an aloe, but is actually … Continue reading

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Directions to the Armorer

I came across this poem in my diary that I copied almost ten years ago from a Jean Shepherd program recorded probably in the 1960s.  Thanks to Google, I was able to track down the original published in The New … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Hack

Remember all the layoffs announced at Yahoo! over the past few months?   We, their users, are paying the price. After I mentioned the hack (5/28/2012 posting)  that sent advertising emails under my name to everyone on my address list, I … Continue reading

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The Brandywine River

This June day is as hot and humid as any dog day of August, but the river is mostly shaded by the high banks, and the air above the water is cool.  This is the first time I have taken … Continue reading

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Productivity In The New Society

One of my early jobs was in a semiconductor fabrication plant that looked like a high school gym with rows and rows of work benches and hundreds of women passing trays of unfinished transistors down the line.  Automation has long … Continue reading

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Greek Elections

Tomorrow will be the pivotal Greek elections which are widely assumed to foretell the direction of the entire European economy, which, in turn, will determine the direction of our economy.  But the results won’t matter to anyone but the Greeks.  … Continue reading

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Personality Traits

A recent article casually mentioned “the big five personality traits” as if everyone was familiar with them.  I wasn’t and had to look them up.  They are: Openness to experience – (inventive, curious versus consistent, cautious). Appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, … Continue reading

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58th LAHS Mini-Reunion on the Ocean City Boardwalk

Once again, we met at 2 pm at the Ocean City Music Pier, not on our actual graduation date, but a few days earlier before the motel rates jumped (the art of living well). Dan Powell was a surprise attendee.  … Continue reading

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The Shadow Knows—Ha, Ha, Ha!

I recently came across an old, yellowing paperback in my attic, “The Living Shadow” originally published in 1931 and again in 1959.  The storyline was so different from the later radio shows, I had to go to Google to sort … Continue reading

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More on Hacking

Shortly after my email was hacked (previous posting), my wife received an important-looking letter marked “By Air Mail” and some foreign stamp I could not identify.  If it were addressed to me, I would have thrown it unopened in the … Continue reading

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