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That Special 88th Birthday

When my mother-in-law turned 88, we followed Japanese tradition and had a special birthday celebration at a country club with all of the extended family. She had made sure we were aware the 88th was special in Japanese tradition, and … Continue reading

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Recording Your Voice For Posterity

When my parents first retired to Florida (that’s what retirees did in those days), long-distance phone connections were too expensive for idle chit-chat, so we kept in touch mostly by exchanging 3-inch reels of tape by mail. The tapes were … Continue reading

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More on Hacking

Shortly after my email was hacked (previous posting), my wife received an important-looking letter marked “By Air Mail” and some foreign stamp I could not identify.  If it were addressed to me, I would have thrown it unopened in the … Continue reading

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Letters from Alice

The previous posting mentioned Sonoko’s half-sister, Alice, who contracted TB in the Manzanar Japanese-American internment camp and died shortly after her release.  Here are her letters to Sonoko, including the poignant final one as she was preparing to leave in … Continue reading

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Japanese-Americans: Sonoko’s Story

When I was first dating my wife in 1959, we attracted a lot of stares, not out of hostility, but of curiosity.  The country was far different then, and most Americans had never seen an Asian.  They usually assumed she … Continue reading

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Roger People

Early in our married years, my wife often used a curious phrase that I discounted as Japanese-American pidgin English.  She would say things like, “Masa people will be at my mother’s next Saturday,” meaning her brother, Masa, and people associated … Continue reading

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