58th LAHS Mini-Reunion on the Ocean City Boardwalk

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Once again, we met at 2 pm at the Ocean City Music Pier, not on our actual graduation date, but a few days earlier before the motel rates jumped (the art of living well).

Dan Powell was a surprise attendee.  He did tell me earlier that he may make it, but his wife, Dee, who eagerly went back to work after a short retirement of living full-time with Dan, was busy, and I mentally wrote him off.  Usually, if the wife can’t go, the husband doesn’t either, but Dan has relatives in the area and combined Ocean City with a Phillies game the following day.  I also learned his wife grew up in East Lansdowne and went to St. Cyril’s School, although I had gone to public school and had moved to Lansdowne before she even started.  I may have seen her in a baby carriage, little knowing our paths would cross again far in the future.

Bottom line, Dan’s a very cheerful guy with lots of stories, so we were all glad to see him.  The others were Leon Evans West and his wife, Nan, Jerry Jerome and his wife, Faith, Nancy Leith Musser, and myself and my wife, Missy.

Dan left early for his relatives and the rest of us went to what is now our traditional restaurant, the Anchorage, in Somers Point.  Dan (the Bulgarian, not Powell) was once again our waiter and took the above picture.  (Our Dan was not really there—the magic of Photoshop.  That’s the Music Pier reflected in his sunglasses.)

We all left the following morning.  The weather was perfect the whole time, as is usual at the shore.  Cloudy weather for the area was predicted, and we could see the heavy clouds hanging over the mainland all day, but the sun was shinning near the water and over us.  The boardwalk was not crowded, but had enough people to be festive.



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