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Ocean City: The Drunkest City In New Jersey

USA Today listed Ocean City as the state’s most drunken city on its 2017 list of “The drunkest city in every state.” The most drunken city in a state that has Hoboken, Jersey City, and Perth Amboy? How can this … Continue reading

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Human Entropy

When I write a posting to this blog, I often start a thought without knowing where it will lead. The writing process, itself, uncovers new thoughts, and the final posting is often as surprising to me as it is to … Continue reading

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No, not Frank McCarthy, our popular classmate. This is another Frank and his first name is about all I know about him. Frank was a tall, lanky guy about my own age with a headful of snowy white hair. I … Continue reading

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Digby O’Dell (the Friendly Undertaker)

I walked into our bedroom. My wife was already in bed, reading. I spontaneously blurted out, “It is I, Digby O’Dell . . . the friendly undertaker (the last part in a low voice).” “Who?” she said, looking up from … Continue reading

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Caregivers Get No Appreciation

I refer to this posting often when speaking with other people, but I cannot find it or its first draft that I usually save. If I can’t find it, no one else is likely to, either. This is rewritten from … Continue reading

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The Grange Hall In Delaware

The Grange was a farmer’s organization that held social events in their hall. Their official name was “The Patrons of Husbandry,” but local chapters were simply known as the “Grange.” There was a supervisory Grange in Washington, D.C. It was … Continue reading

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Old Black Joe

So there I am, late one night, watching a rerun of the Seinfeld episode where Susan dies from licking the cheap envelopes for the wedding invitations that George picked out. It is the last scene where the doctor in the … Continue reading

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